Amy's Pretty Bones Journal
This is a personal journal on the Development and journey for my University final year business project.

My sista test shooting for the video.

My sista test shooting for the video.


This is the Pretty Bones video that my sister filmed for my final year business project. If you like it please repost and support mine and Rosies new knicker brand. Please let me know what you think of it too, feed back is great! 


These past few weeks we have done the following:

  • costing charts  (cash flow chart)
  • gathering materials and details for knickers
  • placing our first order (30)
  • opened at business account
  • don’t market research
  • don’t online and personal interviews and questionnaires
  • developed out ranges, in colour and style
  • casted models for our promo video and photography
  • spoke about what we will be doing for promo video
  • our team is expanding!
  • perfected out business plan
  • come up with a slick mission statement
  • planning launch party

Lots more to come.


We have been very busy business planning today and looking at the finaces, profit and loss accounts and also where we are going to get the funding from.

We are thinking of looking at getting some crowd funding and doing a video to promote our brand and make people want to back us and sapport us in our venture.

Also, we are going to hold a casting for models to be the face of our brand. Two girls, one brunett and one blonde. If you know of anyone please let us know.


#questionnaire. Feel free to comment on this with what you think to the questions on this. (at Hollings Campus/Toastrack, MMU)


#questionnaire. Feel free to comment on this with what you think to the questions on this. (at Hollings Campus/Toastrack, MMU)


Today we are doing market research for our product. This will help us with the following:

  • number of products to order
  • which designs to buy more of
  • how to package
  • what selling price to sell the product at
  • what colours to really buy into

We must get a wind range of different people to make this research really worth while. 


Today we are developing our businesses strategy plans and working on getting a really clean and clear mission statement. 

Pretty Bones is a Manchester based knicker brand which provides the perfect gift solution for any occasion. Our mission is to create an end user customer experience that enraptures our brand and values. In doing so are aim is to create loyalty to our brand, one bottom at a time. PB x

We also have a suppliers meeting to determine the numbers, styles and prices. We have also opened up a business account under the name Pretty Bones at Santander yesterday.


Both myself and Roise have a pinterest. We use this to gather insperation and also see what else is out there in the market. This is a great insperational tool to help with all aspects of our business project to do with the product and the marketing aspect of the business. To find me on pinterest please just search “Amy Forsyth”


Today we have got some samples of some knickers designs! Yipeee! We have picked a style that it suitable for all shapes and sizes and also that is flattering for the female bottom. (Cheeky)

We have been to local whole salers to find our products and come across one that was very helpful and also will give us a very good magian to work into.

We will now need to think about the following:

  • Branding (again and continuous)
  • Band neck labels
  • customisation of out knickers to make them identifiable.
  • packaging - this one is a big one!
  • and also a launch date!

Me and Rosie are very excited about our products and very confident that we know our customer and our targets to meet.

Watch this space!